Sources of Indonesia (SoI) or (Sumber daya-sumber daya Indonesia) was established in Medan on 24th November 2005. The issue of the decreasing of social life enforcement as well as the environment degradation has become the main reason why SoI formed. SoI is a local non - profit organization which involved the local society in each programme implementation. Before in 2004, SoI was focused only on the documentary film production as the materials for community campaign leading to the democracy enhancement in Indonesia.

The improvement of society welfare which based on the human rights and democracy for the sake of human life.

Strengthening the capacity of local community to face the lige which based on the human rights and democracy.

Strategic Programmes
In implementing the overall programme, SoI possesses a strategic working plan which is holistically and continuously conducted. Followings are the forms of SoI programmes in which brought the issue of:
1. The strengthening of local community capacity.
2. The strengthening of local government capacity.
3. The environment conservation and wildlife protection.
4. The communication design for Policy and Attitudes changes issues.

SoI plays a significant role as the facilitator in strengthening the community capacity in order to create a better society leading to the betterment in democratic and social life.

As a social movement, SoI is actively working on the social Research and Development to achieve the Community Empowerment. The empowerment is not only based on the social and politic life of human, but also related to the other significant sectors which have the important role to lead the society to a better social and democratic life. The form of method of democratization is based on the community authority (Local Autonomy) which means the local people own the absolute right as the decision maker. Besides that, SoI also conduct the Communication Approach as an effort to achieve the objectives of the programme implementation. Moreover, SoI has successfully conducted some activities as follows:

A. The strengthening of Local Community Capacity

1. The training of Local Community Management and Empowerment to the villagers in Desa Semangat Gunung Kecamatan Merdeka Kabupaten Karo. The targets of the training were the youths which were encouraged and motivated to be the pioneer and inovator in establishing the ecotourism which has the conservation orientation. March – May 2007.
2. The village discussion in Lembah Sibayak as a regular activity conducted since March 2007 in 2 villages in Kab. Karo. The discussion facilitated the villagers with the information regarding the local area management since their home are are known as the water catchments are in and near the Deli river.
3. Road show and campaign through the environment film screening as an effort to disseminate the environment education as well as the environment campaign, March 2007

B. The Strengthening of Local Government Capacity

1. The forming of local Committee for the rehabilitation and Reconstruction of desa Sekoci, Kecamatan Besitang, Kabupaten Langkat, December 2006. The programme was conducted by SoI in conjuction with 2 local indigenous organization BIS Peduli and Yayasan Pekat which formed in a consortium called BISOP Relief Program. The BISOP Relief Program aroused the issue of management after the nature disasters and rehabilitating the life of the victims of nature disasters.
2. Became the facilitator in the village meeting and discussion in order to discuss the solution to overcome the activity the illegal logging happened in the area of Lembah Sibayak, which involved the local community, local government, and local staff of PT. Pertamina Geothermal, the member of Regional House of Representative, and Media, Augusts 2007.

C. Environment Conservation and Wildlife Protection.

1. Investigation on the activity of illegal logging practical happened in Batang Serangan National park, Madina and South Tapanuli.
2. The Study of Nature Disasters, which involved the school-children in Medan. It was aimed at teh disseminating the information of the bad impact of forest encroachment as well as the issue of global warming. Langkat, Januari – Februari 2007.
3. The Conservation Camp of Forum Kenservasi Tahura (FKT) which involved 300 students of 17 Junior and Senior High Schools in 3 sub districts in North Sumatra (Medan, Tanah Karo and Deliserdang). The activity was conducted in TAHURA conservation is in North Sumatra. It aims to give a clear understanding about the importance of nature conservation and wildlife protection, especially the forest as the source of clean water and clean air. March-April 2007..
4. The Study on Ecology, participated by the Medan school-children. The students followed the activity of ecotourism based would give the students a knowledge about the importance of protecting and conserving the nature especially in the water catchments area of Medan, in Lembah Sibayak and the Deli river, August 2007.
5. The production of documentary films about the environment issues (water, conservation areas, ecology of farming, nature disaster and sanitation) Since 2005 until now.
6. Giving advocacy to the local people in Lembah Sibayak regarfding the encroachment affecting the water source by PT. Persero Pertamina for the geothermal project.

Other Activities.
1. Survey of Campaign Materials of Anti Corruption effort, in corporate with Komisi Pemberantasan Korupsi (KPK) and PT. Inacon, Jakarta.
2. As the media during the visitation to Kel. Bagan Deli Kec. Medan Belawan upon the issues of Clean Water Crisis with ESP USAID North Sumatra, August 2007.
3. Member of Indonesia Journalist Organization (Perhimpunan Jurnalis Lingkungan) 2005.
4. The committee of the Commemoration of World Water Day 2005 with ESP-USAID North Sumatra 2005.
5. The Production of Video Report for the Small Economy Empowerment, in corporation with Swiss Contact for Aceh and Nias, January – June 2007.
6. Campaign in Radio Talk show for the Mangrove conservation in Pulau Jaring Halus Langkat through the environment film screening. Delta FM November 2007.
7. Campaign in Radio Talk shows for Mangrove Protection in Pulau Jaring Halus though the environment film screening. Smart FM November 2007.
8. Campaign on the Sumatra Greatest Heritage, in conjunction with UNESCO and Architect Post Graduate Programme University of North Sumatera (USU).
9. Communication Design Workshop on Climate Change, in conjunction with the Networking Regional Government for Sustainability Development (NRG4SD) and United Nation Environmental Protection (UNEP).
10. The Environment Film Screening titled”Pantang di Jaring Halus” in Kesawan Square in conjunction with the Medan Short Movie.
11. Documentary Film Production for Micro Hidro Electricity Water Power Station Cooperation with IBEKA, February – September 2008.
12. Documentary Film Production for Health Mother and Child, Cooperation with HSP – USAID, March 2008.
13. Documentary Film Production for Capacity Building for Civil Society and Local; Effort to Manage Water Resource and Sanitation Around Catchment Area, in Water Awarness Action North Cooperation with Yayasan Pekat Indonesia, February 2008 – January 2009.
14. Communication Desain Policy Reform with Mass Media and Stakeholder Cooperation with Millenium Challenge Corporation Indonesia / Immunization Project (MMC/IIP). March s/d Desember 2008.

15. Develop video report on the project implementation of Improving Mothers and Children Health in cooperation with HSP USAID and the board of Health Sibolga Municipal, April - May 2008.
16. Documentation on Module of Free Piping, Clean Water Supply Management and Community Based Sanitation in Belawan, Medan, in cooperation with ESP USAID North Sumatera, July - December 2008.
17.  Live Concert of Red and White for Green, "Save the Earth Save the People" (featuring Katon Bagaskara), in cooperation with the Government of North Sumatera Province, Regional Board of Environmental Impact Controll (BAPEDALDA) of North Sumatera Province, G2 Production, Smart FM, Medan Bisnis Daily Newspaper, ESP USAID North Sumatera, PT Twin Sukses Abadi, PT Anugrah Abadi, PT SAP, August 2008.
18. Community Empowerment through Development of Community Based Micro Hydro Electricity Power in Putri Betung Sub-district, Gayo Lues, Aceh Tenggara in cooperation with IBEKA, July 2008 - January 2009